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Collecting Quarters for a Cure – JDRF to end TD1

Krista's Story 

It’s a typical morning for the three Middleton boys. A mad dash in the morning to find that missing piece of sports equipment, a quick look upstairs to grab a forgotten library book and out the door for another day at school. Krista Middleton, their mom, keeps busy—barely staying ahead of all their activities and schoolwork while also volunteering as a board member for the Lantana Ladies League and working with several local charities. There are many decisions that this busy mom makes during her day. In fact, Krista makes about 180 more decisions than most of the moms in her Lantana neighborhood. Krista must make life-altering decisions all day, every day, because Krista has Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).

Krista was only a few months old when her parents took her to a hospital for what they thought was pneumonia. With no family history of diabetes, doctors originally dismissed diabetes as the cause of this very sick little girl’s illness, but one visiting international doctor recognized the signs of T1D.

T1D is an autoimmune disease in which the body's own immune system mistakenly destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. T1D is generally diagnosed early in life, and its causes are not fully known. There is currently no cure, so people with T1D have to inject or pump insulin to survive.

Barely over two-years old, Krista learned how to give herself life-saving injections of insulin. As a young mother, Krista’s days are filled with checking her sugar before she dresses for the day, before she decides what she can eat, and before she gets in a car to drive. Before bed, she must decide how much insulin she needs to get her through the night. 

Managing T1D is not just time consuming for Krista. T1D affects her whole family. Her oldest son, Cooper, was only two-years old when he found Krista passing out while making a frantic call to her husband, Nick. Cooper learned how to call 911 and how to get his mom a straw and juice when she needed it. Unlike most kids, he lives with a daily fear that mom could “be low” on insulin. He learned to sing his phone number and address so he could call 911 and give first responders the correct information. It’s no surprise that this bright young man wants to be an anesthesiologist when he grows up.

Krista Middleton doesn’t let T1D define her, rather, she inspires others by giving back to her community. When she’s not busy with family activities, or raising money with the Lantana Ladies League, she is the admin for a large Facebook group for parents of T1D. This group has over 22,000 parents from across the country. It’s become a resource for parents of kids with T1D to share stories, ask questions, and give advice on living well with T1D.


This year, Krista is the inspiration behind one of the Lantana Ladies League's biggest charity events. The league is hosting its Annual Quarter Auction on November 19th to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), and Krista is the event chairperson. JDRF is a national organization, with a local chapter in Dallas/Fort Worth, that is working to find a cure and help provide better daily living for those with T1D.

How does the quarter auction work? Attendees purchase paddles, one paddle for $5 or three for $10. Bidders use the paddles to bid, with quarters, on great auction items. Local businesses donate auction items, and winners take home items that night. To prepare for the holiday season, attendees may also shop for a wide variety of merchandise from vendors. The event is open to league members and guests.


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